Tuesday, May 22, 2007


There is a shelf in my studio that collects all the sketchbooks I finish. There are well over 50 the last time I counted. Eventually, I began binding the sketchbooks myself to include the paper I preferred at the proportions I wanted. In one of the first of these self-bound books, are these drawings. I thought it would be appropriate to begin this blog's first post with the first drawings I ever did of Sprout and Ivy.


Adam said...

My wife and I love your book. We'll be stopping by to see you at Wizard World - sans Ika, our 7 month old corgi unfortunately. Can't wait to see Volume 2.

Mutaki said...

Just bought the book. I almost died. I wasn't expecting to see a comic focused on corgis at the comic book store! I love corgis! :D

Geli Girl said...

Hello! My sister bought Korgi for me today at Chicago Comics and I am so happy because of it! You don't even know how happy. One because I love corgis and they're my favourite breed of dog. Also because the illustrations are gorgeous! Here is the link to a small artist book I created for an ex-boyfriend for Valentine's Day about 3 or 4 years ago that features my own corgi, Henri!

Take Care.

Your new fan,
Angel Busque

www.geligirl.com (It's currently being updated)

Anonymous said...

Christian, this is some great work!..with each issue, you attain new hights.