Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Korgi Book 2 and Baltimore ComicCon

Korgi Book 2 is finally out in the world! In the photo are some of the copies we received modeled by Mr. Lee himself! Of course work is never done as you can see in the photo of my art desk this week.Here we've got the first rough drawings going for Korgi Book 3 as well as an acrylic painting in progress. This painting is one of many I will be bringing to this year's Pembroke National Specialty in Georgia this Novemeber.

Ann and I will be signing copies of Korgi at the Baltimore ComicCon September 27-28. Stop by the Top Shelf Productions booth and say hi! We will also have original art from the books there as well. Hope to see you there!


Dianne Chambless said...

I was lucky to meet you and your lovely wife in Pine Mt. GA yesterday. I cannot express how moving I find your work. But more important to me is the consideration you showed to a little old lady with a broken arm. It's great to be a gifted artist. To be good people also is a rare and wonderful thing. Thank you, Ms Dianne

elizabeth romo said...

I just found your book in a comic shop and I love it I'm officially a fan. amazing work keep making more!!!