Saturday, February 12, 2011

Korgi Book 3 is done!

Finally! It's been a long haul but at last it's finished. Clocking in at well over 100 pages is Korgi Book 3. The picture above is the neat pile of final art for the book. On top is the gratitude page and under that sticking out the side is Wart's introduction.

The book will be getting designed and then sent to the printer. It should be in stores this summer. I am looking forward to planning out my convention schedule as well. I'll be posting info on that soon.


Vic said...

Missed you at the SD Comic Con. We were hoping that book 3 would be out by then. Any updates??

Christian Slade said...

Korgi 3 just missed San Diego due to Top Shelf's publishing schedule. We are hoping to get copies in here in the next couple of weeks and they should be hitting stores by September/October. Lots going on. Hope to do a post soon.